which was started in 1916 by Nick Harrel Sr., contained a pharmacy, soda fountain and other merchandise. It offered delivery by bicycle and curb service from the soda fountain. Over the years, the family has owned and operated drug stores in Mercedes, Robstown and Corpus Christi. Years later, the second generation which came to be in charge of the store, was Nick Harrel Jr. and John Nolan (Nolie) Harrel. Shortly before Nick Jr. died in 1981, he purchased Nolie's share of the store, and Nick Harrel, III has been in charge since that time.

Harrel Drug Company has seen many changes throughout the years. The first remodeling took place in the late 1940's when air conditioning was added. The store again was remodeled and expanded in the mid 1960's, moving the enlarged soda fountain to the rear of the building. The drug store underwent another change when it became computerized in 1988.

In 1990, Harrel Drug Company bought Kingsville Pharmacy, which was established in 1905, from Al Gonzalez. The pharmacy became known as Harrel's Kingsville Pharmacy, and was operated from the two stores that were five doors apart. The former Terry Ferris building was remodeled in 1994, in order to combine the two pharmacies with a larger soda fountain, and expanded the gift and card selection.

In January 2000, Harrel's Kingsville Pharmacy purchased Rangel's Pharmacy from Minnie Rangel Henderson, allowing for a strong independent pharmacy presence in Kingsville.


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